Red Caviar

How to choose high quality red caviar in a jar? Expert Tips Many holiday snacks contain red caviar. And in order not to spoil the guests and yourself the holiday, it is important to choose the right one when buying, otherwise it can turn into unpleasant consequences. One day on the eve of a family celebration, I was very upset that the delicacy I bought the day before turned out to be spoiled. Although I read the label, I shook the jar. But apparently, I missed something. Since I opened the jar to make sandwiches for the festive table, I was just shocked. The jar had a uniform consistency with a few red balls and a smelly odor. Then how can you choose a quality delicacy and not be disappointed in the purchase?

Caviar varies in size and flavor. Sockeye salmon caviar, coho salmon, trout – they are all small. Pink salmon will be slightly larger, chum salmon will be even larger. The largest is chinook caviar. But it is very rare to find it on the market.

What is the most popular caviar?
The most popular types of caviar are pink salmon and chum salmon caviar. They are more commonly found in stores. Pink salmon is the cheapest, and chum salmon is slightly larger and more expensive.

Pink salmon caviar has a creamier, more delicate taste. The chum salmon has a more pronounced fishy taste.

Pay attention to the price
If red caviar costs less than 3000 per kg, this is a reason to be wary.
Buy caviar by weight
Then you will have the opportunity to taste the caviar and choose the one that you like.
Eggs must be even
The color of the eggs should be uniform and pleasant
Caviar should not smell like mud
It should also not have a strong synthetic or fishy odor.
Rely on your taste preferences
Buy caviar only in trusted locations

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